Metal Gates

Metal Gates

Metal gates are the special and representational part of any house. Gates are the very first boundary which marks the territory of you feeling safe and sound. That was known by our elderly who gave the gates the very special symbolical magic power. Metal gates symbolizes the strength, safety, elegance. Gate fulfillment is combined with the needs of the owner.

Metal gates are the very beggining of your house which must be extraordinary. Your design demand combined with blacksmithery craft and up to date technologies will be beneficial for few reasons. One of which is the distant automatic management – extremely convenient function. Vilniaus Kalviai are providing you with competent managers and workers who will construct you the extraordinary gates for your house or any other object. Our blacksmiths will provide you with quality work which will make you satisfied for a long time. All of that and more is made by Vilniaus Kalviai, who will create you metal gates reflecting your needs which will both protect and make you proud forever.

Extraordinary metal gates

The main function of the gates at house is special. Not only by symbolizing the special limit between the own and foreign space. Vilniaus Kalviai will make sure your metal gates look unique. Metal fence will be adopted to your architectural style, your needs, they will blend in nicely without losing their main function. Metal gates are the special for the very reason of letting them enhance and fulfill many architectural, technical ideas making your metal gates different from others and become the most fabulous.

The variety of metal gates

Vilniaus Kalviai can be proud of the clients who made it possible to be working and making such a wide variety of the metal gates we make. For more than 20 years of existence Vilniaus Kalviai had the possibility to enhance the skills working on projects not only within Lithuania but whole Europe. Metal gates require special attention because all gates are extraordinary and special. At our 1000 m2 blacksmithery works more than 20 specialists who enhance their skills every day bringing the work to higher level day by day. Precisely because of our blacksmiths Vilniaus Kalviai can firmly state that our created metal gates will be special within your environment.

Variaty of metal gates

Gates are without a doubt the door to your personal space. Metal gates are the sign of the ambitious people who know the meaning of the classics at their house. Vilniaus Kalviai are ready to suggest you the wide variety of metal gates – from low to high ones, from full of detail to the traditional filling, from many forms of lines. Everything chosen by you will be made by our blacksmiths.

Fancy house guardians

Lets agree, that gates are symbolized as house guardians. Every masters‘ concern is to make those impressive. Why not to create the fancy gates? Metal gates are fancy from their origin. What if to combine few details of yours? Our blacksmiths will make everything possible. Fancy home guardians - metal gates - will be created by Vilniaus Kalviai. Let’s be proud together! Vilniaus Kalviai are proud to suggest the highest qualifications experts of ours, who will easily make your dreams to come true creating the metal gates for your chosen location. From little gates of the garden to the impressive main gates of the castle we are ready to work hard and create art which will makes us all be proud. Vilniaus Kalviai has a special offer for you! By choosing metal gates to your house not only will protect you but also look impressively. Upon the request of making the gates simpler – will suggest you endless classical elements from which you will be able to choose, upon your request of making the distinguishing gates – will create together to imply your wish. Guaranteed quality, expert team and metal gates which will make you proud forever. Metal gates diversity Vilniaus Kalviai are proud to be able to work and be part of many constructional metal gates for private customers, the castles, commercial buildings and other objects. All gathered experience is clearly visible though our work – metal gates made by Vilniaus Kalviai are everlasting and exceptional.