Comfortable, stylish and ergonomic stairs are the pride of every owner. Stairs installed both inside and outside the house are an inseparable element of style and comfort of life. We consult, design and manufacture metal stairs of various constructions.

Metal Staircases

Reliable Metal staircases are the joy of any owner. Vilniaus Kalviai team is ready to provide you with consultations working on projecting the convenient, stylish and ergonomically staircases. Metal staircases within the house is the must detail for the owner life comfort. After the consultation with our experts you will find the best metal staircases combination. Vilniaus Kalviai are working with highest level new technology, which allow us to reliably, accurately and fast measure your staircases space and parameters, calculate and suggest the package best suitable for You. Staircases made by Vilniaus Kalviai implied outside your house will fit with your house architecture and environment. Highest quality guaranteed by more than 20 years gathered experience and strong team of experts. Vilniaus Kalviai consults, projects, and creates wide diversity of constructional metal staircases within house (object) and outside it.

Metal staircases for your needs

Have you ever considered how the staircases are made by just looking at some? You cannot buy it simply coming into the store as the everyday item. In order for metal staircases to be made few components are needed: knowledge, professionals, attention and ability. Vilniaus Kalviai give the special attention to people who want to have the metal staircases as there are just so many preparation works to be done before the work is even began: the measurement of the space, design (straight, spiral or any other type of the staircases will be placed?). Vilniaus Kalviai will provide you with several examples and suggestions equivalent to your special needs. Metal Staircases made by Vilniaus Kalviai gives you numerous advantages as with your order the specialists of all areas will be working.

Variety of metal staircases

Vilniaus Kalviai during many years of more than two decades have made many individual orders for metal staircases, their projecting and production. Our suggestions for metal staircases are endless. Depending on your environment we together will choose the best design (straight, bended or any other). Depending on your need for metal staircases will compose the most suitable for you. Vilniaus Kalviai are producing the best types metal staircases: simple linear, bended, shaped “L“and “U“ form metal staircases, spinner staircases. Upon your request Vilniaus Kalviai are ready to create even more extraordinary constructions of staircases.

Metal staircases construction

Before metal staircases construction production there are few factors needed to be taken care of: space length and width, future staircases height, possibilities for constructions, height of the step from which number will depend the total amount of steps as well as the art of the rail. Rails of staircases are the best feature of the metal staircases by all means.

Possibilities of metal staircases

The possibilities of metal staircases construction are endless. Even within the small space or complicate construction – metal staircases create all aspects for coziness to be created. Accompanied with chosen lines and it‘s ripples or linear lines (depending on the interior) for staircases handles, other chosen details combining with light of the room (below or above the stairs) the special warm environment is created.

Metal staircases peculiarity

Constructing metal staircases (depending if they are installed inside or outside the object) adding the imagination and our experienced constructors and designers you will create your dream interior detail, which will last forever. Metal staircases are strong and long-lasting, the handless of the staircases are reflecting the owners imagination and taste, classical elements, which never go out of style and will always be a the core of your house. Impress your guests Nowadays the impressive interior detail is considered to be the metal staircases. That is the modern classics, always charming and appealing to the eye. Metal staircases are framing and connecting the overall environment of the house. Made by blacksmiths and bended miracle will be joy for owners and serve forever. Metal strength and solidity will add more confidence stepping on metal staircases and let you feel like a king. Add your environment a touch of sophistication Metal staircases will add sophistication and delicacy to your environment. The metal ability to get any shape and direction will turn your imagination to reality together with some help of our qualified specialists. Handles of the staircases will frame the main reason of the staircases, add the coziness and special home detail feeling. Vilniaus Kalviai are suggesting you the wide metal staircases types to choose from. Come and select Yours!