The most eye-catching interior detail is a stair railings. We will make your vision into a stunning combination of art and metal.


Real & French balconies gives your house the exclusivity and luxury.

Gates & Fences

The luxurious &  loyal guardians of your property.

Complex Projects

No longer you need to be limited by a default designs. From gates to railing we will improve your house with wrought metal art.

Blacksmith‘s work

Vilniaus Kalviai one of the leaders of the smith‘s institutions in Lithuania is trying to grow together with its clients, expand the limits of inovations, work with bravery, enhance the techncal aspects as well as creativity. Following up the traditional blacksmithery craft work we enhance it, adapt it to the traditional and modern environment. By creating high standart architecture metal work for Lithuanian and foreign clients we expext the highest level of mastery, which is provided by our Vilniaus Kalviai team. Our aim is to go beyond clients expectations, which is made by our blacksmiths mastery, creativity and passion for work they do. More than 20 years of experience, team of 20 talented blacksmitherrs, 1000 m2 smithey established in the capital city in Lithuania provides the trust in our craft. Vilniaus Kalviai trade mark works are the staircases, fences, gates and balconies. The core of the company is the leader – former experienced blacksmith. Our team also consists of the engeneers. Company is one of the first ones in free Lithuania adopted the art of the blasksmiths were experieced blasksmiths provide youngers with knowledge. Vilniaus Kalviai company is tested with time and is truly worh your investment.

About Us

Our story and development over time.

Complex Projects

No longer you need to be limited by a default designs. From gates to railing we will improve your house with wrought metal art.

Museum of Smithery

Only two European capitals have a working Smithy and one of them is in Vilnius.

Strength of the blacksmith

Lets agree, during all times the decor and protection of the house by blacksmiths work was and still is a sophistication symbol. Agreed to decor Your house by the handmade craft of blacksmith You will get the highest quality work. Blacksmiths‘ work is directly influenced by experience, gift of art and caring. Blacksmith is known by his firm hands, therefore we guarantee that our work will be the firmest You will find. In the work of blacksmith the sence of strengh and art is combined. For more than 20 years our blacksmiths work in order to create the highest quality craft for You.

Smithery in Vilnius

Smith’s work is the ancient craft revitalization and fostering which is carefully taken care by Vilniaus Kalviai. In the capital of Lithuania established the 1 000 m2 smithery works more than 20 experienced blacksmithery professionals who appreciate their work. They suggest you to let us take care of your home decoration to us. Our blacksmiths are known for their carefulness, attention to details, elegance and strength. Works made by our blacksmiths are decorating homes in Lithuania Germany, Poland, Italy and many more countries. Vilniaus Kalviai company is a wide spectrum working company – from staircases, balconies to fences, gates and other elements – we are ready to provide you with the honor and respect to your needs. Our blacksmiths and whole group works quickly, effectively and with quality.

Smith‘s work within environment

Smith’s craft work at home, office environment creates the special atmosphere. Environment decorated with smith’s work craft leaves the big impression to everyone. Our company with long living traditions and experience adapts to the client’s needs and ideas. That comes easy to us as our group consists of more than 20 qualified experts who are ready to work and decorate your environment with the long living blacksmiths classics, as it always stays in style.

Metal subtleties are revealed in good hands of a blacksmith

Man decorating its home with blacksmith work creates a project. The project is coordinated and developed by Vilnius Kalviai. Metal comes to life in proper blacksmith's hands. Our company ensures that all blacksmiths, contributing to product development are competent, qualified, loving their craft. Summing up all of the components of Vilnius Kalviai metal takes more than just an appearance-it becomes the centerpiece of your environment.

Vilnius Blacksmiths internationally

Vilnius Blacksmiths Company which exists for more than 20 years is decorating Your environment to turn people dreams to reality. Each client is assigned with individual attention, all our blacksmiths work is focused on customer satisfaction. Our blacksmiths work to strive to exceed every customer's needs. Reliable, traditional blacksmithery trying to combine with innovative solutions Vilniaus Kalviai take strong steps to the future.

Traditional balcksmithery within modern environment

Vilniaus Kalviai company has grew together within its’ 20 operating years. We can firmly state, that our blacksmiths traditional blacksmith craft perfectly combines with modern environment. United textures of design harmony and experience, elegance and the charm of blacksmith will adapt perfectly to Your environment. Vilniaus Kalviai invites You to decorate your modern environment with a touch of blacksmith.

Vilniaus Kalviai company

20 years ago Vilniaus Kalviai set their core principles of work with honor and respect, keeping the real old craft of blacksmithery principles and quality alive and in the highest level. To this day works of Vilniaus Kalviai are distributed not only in Lithuania but as well in many European countries. By sticking to its’ core principles for more than 20 decades Vilniaus Kalviai earned the respect which make us proud.
Gates & Fences
The loyal guardians of your property.
Luxurious fencing.
Comfortable, stylish and ergonomically designed staircase is the pride of every house owner.
The most eye-catching home interior detail is stair railings. We will make your vision into a stunning combination of art and metal.