Professional architects advise to choose the blacksmiths hand work railings as it is the time checked, now trendy and great decision.  That is one of the most important part of the decorating inner house detail which takes a lot of practice to be done correctly. Up to dare metal railing design is capable of satisfy the wide range client needs. Vilniaus Kalviai company is proposes to you’re the wide spectrum of selection in order to provide our clients with more comfort. By your request our team of experts will select the ways to fill in the railings which you will be able to adapt or change during all preparation time. Simple but great or difficult and interesting lines of railings are satisfying the clients for a long period of time. Metal railings are not only for decoration or artistic part of the house – the main meaning of them is to provide safety at home. Make your dreams come true by choosing right – metal railings by Vilniaus Kalviai team which will make you proud from the very first minute of communication.


Metal railings

Metal railings have many functions. It is special for the reason that it can be used as wider balcony or terrace enclosure, also the inner and out staircases enclosure or any other part within the house. Metal railings are multifunctional – not only the sigh of safety but also the special interior and exterior detail. Metal railings will find their way to adapt within any office, room, house, castle or other building. Metal railings appealing are increasing when it is time to solve the difficult architecture challenges Our experienced workers agree that we will find the most suitable decision within the design or fixing of it.

Metal railings – solution for your house

Planning of any house, office or any other object can be rather difficult. Chosen metal railings within or outside the house you not only will save time, add the charm to house but also will solve the architectural challenges. Metal railings will be made with the style of your wish. Metal railings advantage is that every detail can be turned and twisted as you want. Our team will guarantee that metal railings will be both safe and aesthetically appealing. Only the appropriate metal will add charm and coziness to your house and Vilniaus Kalviai with more than 20 years of experience will guarantee that our work will make you satisfied for many years.

Advantages of railings

Metal railing advantages are numerous: ordered them you will be guaranteed to have the main function done perfectly – safety- and the extra bit of charm. Metal, unlike plastic will add the sophistication to your house, you will be able to choose from a wide spectrum of colours to suit the metal aesthetics to your environment.

The demand of metal railings

Railings are the integral part of the house – they go with everything – staircases, roof tops, balconies, terraces and other. Experts tend to agree on suggesting the long lasting material – so there is no surprise the metal is leading in this industry. Vilniaus Kalviai will assure that metal railings made at our factory will last long and will become the great part of your house.

Core meaning of metal railings

Vilniaus Kalviai designs the metal railings in order to meet the two core criteria’s: first of all to keep highest level of safety, secondly – maintain the beautiful visual aspects. All of that is made at our own factory in Vilnius. If you wish to get to know our work quality better we invite you not only to check out internet page but also come and visit us personally!

Variety of railings

Vilniaus Kalviai suggest the huge selection of metal railings for You: from simple metal railings, even simpler pieces for gardens, the combinations with wood to the fabulous front door gate railings to the fancy classical railings. The type of the railing is chosen according to the overall environment where it will stand. In order to maintain the quality the Vilniaus Kalviai company not only designs. Creates and delivers the railings but also tries to find a way to construct them safely.

Experience reflects quality

Vilniaus Kalviai offers you the superior quality for acceptable price. Our combinations of railings for Your house are made of the many years gathering experience, classical elements as well as the aesthetics. During many years we made many projects which brought our work to higher and higher level. More than 20 years of experience and our experts team will provide you with most suitable railings for Your place.

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